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Zeke Holloman

    Hi @neilh20, thanks for all your help! Yeah, I think I replaced the channel key in the trace with the thingSpeakChannelKey for the forum. I’m looking at the Topic [41] thing and I see the key in the topic channels/…


    Here’s the platformIO file.

    src_dir = src/logging_to_thingspeak
    ;src_dir = src/LTExBee_FirstConnection

    description = ModularSensors example intended for DRWI users with CTD, turbidity, and 2G signal

    monitor_speed = 115200
    board = mayfly
    platform = atmelavr
    framework = arduino
    lib_ldf_mode = deep+
    lib_ignore =
    Adafruit NeoPixel
    Adafruit GFX Library
    Adafruit SSD1306
    Adafruit ADXL343
    Adafruit STMPE610
    Adafruit TouchScreen
    Adafruit ILI9341
    build_flags =
    lib_deps =