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Rick Vogel

    You might check your ThingSpeak credentials using a desktop MQTT Client just to ensure everything works outside of your project itself as a first step.


    This example uses MQTT.fx, but I normally use http://mqtt-explorer.com/

    We are using the Digi LTE-M/NB IoT platform to automate and recover historical COOP sites that have closed. We send 5 minute temp and 15 minute precip. I don’t have any experience using thingspeak, but we have great success with this platform using the micropython programming option built into the Xbees for MQTT. We use a different arduino based platform for the data acquisition and then have the XBee do the heavy lifting for encryption and TLS. It also has capability for FTPS to push remote updates without the need for the Digi Remote Manager. Very capable device.

    Dashboard –https://www.weather.gov/crh/ccoop