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    Hi @zeke thanks for the qu.  I’ve got the thingspeak working as a POST, but don’t regularly test it. I believe the MQTT is a different route, and I personally haven’t used it.

    For the Digi Corp LTE Cat-M1 cell modems, I do ensure that they are upgraded to the latest version with XCTU & XCTU board. It is a bit painful, but worked for me. If there is any problem with the Digi LTE modem I force a reset to defaults.

    The provisioning, customizations all go in the code ~ hologram as you have it, and then in the class should have there is  mqtt.thingspeak.com . ThingSpeakPublisher.cpp

    I’ll check my notes to see what I did.
    If nothing else, I would enable the modem stream to see what its doing. Look for

    // Use this to create a modem if you want to monitor modem communication through
    // a secondary Arduino stream.  Make sure you install the StreamDebugger
    // library! https://github.com/vshymanskyy/StreamDebugger
    #if defined STREAMDEBUGGER_DBG

    I’ll check out my notes to see what exactly I did on testing.