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    Hello James,  yes I have a few hybrids that are working,  that’s the way that they have been working up to now. I would think you’d want to test  your 10 ASAP.   For me the devices that did not work, they just they didn’t work. So for testing its they either work or not.  As an electrical engineer I did do an analysis and laid out what I had done,  but it didn’t really make a difference.

    This is a custom build, to a specified qty, which I will place on Tuesday. I had thought of a kick starter framework, but that was going to take more time. There is NO excess to sell on a market later, as that gets so complicated.  🙂

    Manufactures want to be paid up front for what they build.

    I got all the parts and the PCB yesterday, so building the proto tomorrow to verify the parts. All the details will be available as an open source hardware build, so it can be build later, either yourself or choosing a supplier of your choice. I’m sure they have small manufacturing shops in NZ. Also the hardware can be easily modified if required.