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Reply To: LTE-M1: Bluetooth, Cellular 4G LTE CAT-M1 (AT&T/Verizon) Availability

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Shannon Hicks

    All bare-board electronics such as the Digi LTE cellular board and the EnviroDIY Mayfly are sensitive to static electricity and theoretically they could be damaged if you aren’t careful.  That said, the Mayfly is pretty hardy and I haven’t experienced any problems after handling multiple thousands of boards over the last few years in all sorts of environments.  However, the LTE module is more sensitive because of its exposed pins and more-sensitive electronics.  You shouldn’t put it in your pocket or carry it around in your hand while walking around, especially on carpet in low-humidity environments.  But you should be safe to remove it from the package and examine it if you’re careful, and you can connect it to the Mayfly board (using the LTEBee adapter board) at any time.  Just be careful that you don’t damage the small header pins since they are easy to bend, especially when removing the Bee module from the adapter board.

    Another thing to note, we usually ship most of the items EnviroDIY makes (like the Mayfly, the LTEBee adapter, and other accessories) inside a foil bag that has a “static sensitive” warning on it.  Those are just the default bags that the manufacturer uses, and isn’t an actual warning.  Just be careful with the boards like you would any sensitive electronic device:  avoid moisture and physical damage.