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    Hi Sara, the short answer is no ~ which is a good.

    I’ve had some other urgent issues that have come up, and so have had to leave it for a while.   In my test bench trial above over a couple of days with 2minute sleep/wake  – 3 runs from reset – all failed after #1~5hrs #2 4.5+7.5 #3-4Hrs – so something happening after 100+ sleep/wake events.

    Its seems like it must be software tickling the S6B in some way that it doesn’t like  and something changed but not sure when.  I’m still thinking about it.

    I do have a system that I want to deploy using WiFi but its not a high priority.

    At the same time another system 0.27.5, with fixed SDI-12,  using Verizon/LTE CAT-M1 , has been stable. Its using a 15minute sensor reporting, and 2hour update schedule.