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    Well after running for some time with the WiFi S6B, and still having problems after it has been running for a couple of hours,
    I’ve switched to one my target field internet comms of Digi XBee3 LTE-M over Verizon.

    Very interesting the Digikey RevXsystems https://dataplans.digikey.com (thanks to @mbarney for the suggestion) has a new low cost 50M/month CAT-M1 plan.
    Wow this is excellent!. Based on some recent past experience with a marginal/failing system this is going to be worthwhile.

    Since this was a new Xbee3 LTE, I have upgraded the Xbee3 to the latest software using the Digi “TH Development” board. Then with on the LTE adapter on the Mayfly, I plugged in the battery. At its core the sw is @srgdamiano hard sweat with DigiXBeeCellularTransparent.cpp, though I have modified it to show the connecting process to the cell network.

    Since connecting for the first time over LTE and Verizon is such an occasional event, I thought I would paste in the trace.

    It connected first time… (whew!)

    Attempting to connect to the internet and synchronize RTC with NIST
    This may take up to two minutes!
    Lte internet comms with Digi XBee3 Cellular LTE-M IMEI OK HwVer 4B48 FwVer 11417
    Loop=Sec] rx db : Status ‘ Operator ‘ #Polled Cell Status every 1sec
    0=7.89] 0:0x22 ‘OK’
    1=8.91] 0:0x22 ‘OK’
    2=9.93] 0:0xff ‘OK’
    WATCHDOG ISR barksUntilReset 149 <–WatchDogAVR
    3=10.95] 0:0xff ‘OK’
    4=11.97] 0:0xff ‘OK’
    5=12.99] 0:0xff ‘OK’
    6=14.01] 0:0xff ‘OK’
    7=15.04] 0:0x22 ‘OK’
    8=16.06] 0:0x22 ‘OK’
    9=17.08] 0:0x22 ‘OK’
    10=18.10] 0:0x22 ‘OK’
    Try +CREG ‘
    11=19.13] 0:0xe ’22’
    WATCHDOG ISR barksUntilReset 148 <–WatchDogAVR
    12=20.15] 0:0x0 ’22’ Cnt=1
    13=21.17] 0:0x0 ’22’ Cnt=2
    14=22.19] 0:0x0 ’22’ Cnt=3
    Digi Xbee3 setup Sucess. Registration ‘ 0 ‘
    mdmIP[ 1 / 16 ] ‘ ‘= 7
    mdmIP[ 2 / 16 ] ‘ ‘= 7
    WATCHDOG ISR barksUntilReset 147 <–WatchDogAVR
    mdmIP[ 3 / 16 ] ‘ ‘= 7
    mdmIP[ 4 / 16 ] ‘ ‘= 7
    mdmIP[ 5 / 16 ] ‘ ‘= 14
    XbeeWLTE IP# [ ]
    0 ] Connect time.nist.gov
    WATCHDOG ISR barksUntilReset 146 <–WatchDogAVR
    WATCHDOG ISR barksUntilReset 145 <–WatchDogAVR
    1 ] Connect time.nist.gov
    WATCHDOG ISR barksUntilReset 144 <–WatchDogAVR
    NIST responded after 2562 ms
    Internal Clock within 5 seconds of NIST.
    Putting modem to sleep