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    My experience is that its not capable of that.

    I have been doing a lot of testing in pushing up readings to test Mayfly reliable data delivery algorithms I have evolved.  I have in some cases had 6000 points to push (ie 60days of unreported readings at 15minutes per reading), and MMW has been very slow, often after a small number (~10) of POSTs it will timeout – no response after 5seconds.

    An observation I would make is that fast data – 1second pushes – is a different type of data collection .

    My guess from looking at the MMW POST is that traceability and security of the readings has been prioritized over speed.  ThinkSpeak and other servers discuss fast posts and have less data on each POST  https://thingspeak.com/prices/thingspeak_standard

    So for anybody needing fast post, ThingSpeak supported by ModularSensors would be the way to start.

    A MMW post looks like this – which has a lot of text overheads – from a fast post architecture,  the core data is in bold.

    POST /api/data-stream/ HTTP/1.1
    Host: data.envirodiy.org
    TOKEN: 7ff7ae1b-9274-4376-afa8-8bf5a64f9b4f
    Content-Length: 370
    Content-Type: application/json