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    Hi Matt,

    There is  a Mayfly prototyping board, which I should have used for one project, and forgot to 🙂

    I’ve prototyped with a basic 2×10 male to male header using wire wrap and soldering to the header. However I cut the 2×10 from a larger length I had, and it became unreliable pretty quickly.  For a cable maybe  0.05″ ribbon cable with IDC headers, which I think only come in female (I haven’t checked for male IDC), and then a double male to fit into the Mayfly socket and IDC female socket.

    Practically speaking, for an Electrical Conductivity that interfaces to the processors analog pins (J4), as basic as you can get I found the male headers unreliable.   I made a special PCB for it. I’m still documenting it going to share it at some point.