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Reply To: XBee and Hologram LTE: issues connecting to internet

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    The battery I am using is basically straight from the box so I was under the assumption that it was about 50% charged.  I have not had the opportunity to complete the solder on the Voltaic solar panel.  The antenna has been gently wiggled!  I should also note that I did not remove the antenna when testing the second Digi XBee (to avoid unnecessary damage).  So, I have gotten the same result with two different antenna, both with a seemingly secure connection.  I am not certain that there AT&T is available but when it did connect, and came up on my Hologram account, I assumed there was.  Also, I tried connecting to Verizon and had no luck connecting.

    Attached are snapshots of the serial monitor as it moves through trying to connect.  I cut it up because it was pretty long.  I see no 22s, 23s or 25s.  But I do see many zeros.  These changed into -93 for a while and then to -45 and then back to zeros (as you can see in the pictures).  Is this what you were looking for?