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Sara Damiano

    Well, it really is that “easy.”  “All” you do have to do is create a new project/program, make sure it’s completely blank, copy and paste the example from GitHub into your new project, select precisely each UUID and delete the example junk text, select and copy the real UUID from the MonitorMW webpage and paste it in exactly the place you removed the example from, repeat that 7+ times, install all the libraries correctly, and compile and flash your Mayfly.  That’s it.

    It just that it’s actually kind-of tricky to make sure you’ve selected exactly the right text when you’re doing all the copy-pasting and if you didn’t remember to start with something blank at the beginning things get mixed up and then you have to start deleting and fixing and then you end up in this mess.

    Looking back at the old threads.. I told you to delete the loop because you had other junk after the end of the loop and I went back too many line.  Doh.  Totally my fault.

    After adding the opening brace I mentioned in line 239 and adding the loop at the very end, after everything else, your program compiles fine for me.  Did you by chance accidentally add both an opening and closing brace instead of just the opening one?  The editor helpfully adds the closing brace for you when you type the opening one.