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    So, that helped to eliminate most of the compiling error that I was receiving. I’ve attached the error message as I’m getting it right now.

    As for the libraries, I’m 99% sure I’ve deleted all duplicate versions of the libraries, so i’m not sure where it is finding the duplicate versions. I’d be happy to try out using PlatformIO. Going back to it now I remember why I gave up trying to use it a few months ago. Every time I start VScode it tries to install the PlatformIO, but it tells me that “PlatformIO: Can not find working Python 2.7 or 3.5+ Interpreter. Please install the latest Python 3 and restart VSCode.” I have the most recent version of python, Python-3.8.1. Along with that error message is a button to select “I have Python.” If I click that, it pops open an address bar at the top of VScode and asks for the full path to Python/Python.exe. That’s where I’m getting stuck as I am not exactly sure how to give it the correct path to the python.exe