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Sara Damiano

    If you are still getting library compiler errors after fixing your sketch, I would strongly prefer to guide you through using PlatformIO. It really is easier, even though it feels much more “programmer” then the more “hobbiest” Arduino IDE.

    Very , very briefly:

    1. Open the “PlatformIO home”, and create a new project
    2. After your project is created, delete the contents of the new platformio.ini file and replace them with the contents of the same file from the folder where you copied your code from on GitHub
    3. Delete the contents of src/main.cpp and replace it with your corrected sketch
    4. Open the PlatformIO menu (looks like a bug) and select “build.” it should download the proper versions of all the libraries and their dependencies (which might lake a few minutes ) and then compile.

    If you really, really want to use the Arduino IDE and you can’t get it to compile there, please post a screen shot of your libraries folder for the Arduino IDE (probably in documents/Arduino/libraries or something similar). Make sure the screen shot shows everything. Also go to the Arduino IDE’s library tool and list out all the libraries and versions it shows are installed. Post the screen shot , your corrected code , and the full error log your getting so I can try to figure out where to help next.