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Sara Damiano

    That’s a lot of compiler errors!

    Could you post your program (“sketch_jan07a.ino”)?  I’m guessing based on the errors that there might be a stray quotation mark or a missing semicolon somewhere that’s throwing the whole thing off.

    It looks like you have also some of the libraries installed multiple times and I’m guessing some might not be installed.  Did I mention that library management with the Arduino IDE isn’t easy?  That’s it’s biggest downside.  ModularSensors has so many dependencies that managing them gets pretty painful pretty fast with the Arduino IDE.  (Sorry!)  But it is definitely doable!

    Can you check your library folder like I described back in November?  Again, if you’ve written programs before that you want to work again exactly as they did in the past, you’ll have to crawl through each library checking for versions, but if not you might as well delete them all and start over.