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Sara Damiano

    Is this what you’re looking for: https://github.com/EnviroDIY/YosemitechModbus

    Did you download all of the libraries in this “Libraries” repository (https://github.com/EnviroDIY/Libraries)? I know there’s a big, green, inviting “download” button on the GitHub page, but because of the way the libraries are in linked repositories, if you download them that way all you will get is a bunch of empty folders. You have to download from this link (https://github.com/EnviroDIY/Libraries/blob/master/libraries.zip?raw=true) and then follow the instructions here: https://github.com/EnviroDIY/Libraries#installing-libraries-in-the-arduinocc-ide and here: https://www.arduino.cc/en/Guide/Libraries#toc5.