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    Thanks for your response.

    I’ve been out of the office and am just now getting back around to trying to set up our data logger. This is my first time trying to set up one of these data loggers, and possibly more importantly is my first time working with Arduino, so I’m still working on understanding everything.

    In the DRWI_CitSci sketch I mentioned, I’m having a few issues verifying/compiling the sketch after editing the UUIDs and a few other variables. In the first few lines of the sketch there is:

    #include <Arduino.h> // The base Arduino library
    #include <EnableInterrupt.h> // for external and pin change interrupts
    #include <LoggerBase.h> // The modular sensors library

    The error I’m receiving is: Arduino: 1.8.10 (Windows 10), Board: “EnviroDIY Mayfly 1284p”

    sketch_nov25a:36:10: error: LoggerBase.h: No such file or directory

    Multiple libraries were found for “EnableInterrupt.h”
    Used: C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Arduino\libraries\EnableInterrupt
    #include <LoggerBase.h> // The modular sensors library


    compilation terminated.

    exit status 1
    LoggerBase.h: No such file or directory

    This report would have more information with
    “Show verbose output during compilation”
    option enabled in File -> Preferences.

    Where can I find the LoggerBase.h library?

    Additionally, another error I’ve run into is for the #include <sensors/ProcessorStats.h> line. Again, no such directory or file found.

    If you have any guidance, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your patience and helping work through/learn how to do this!