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    Thanks for ulmo reference – I can sort of see something there, but its got a lot of layers and I can see it understands the response from a http://data.wikiwatershed.org/wofpy/rest/1_1/GetValues?
    of the form
    <timeSeriesResponse xmlns=”http://www.cuahsi.org/waterML/1.1/&#8221; xmlns:ns0=”http://www.cuahsi.org/his/1.1/ws/”&gt;

    Well in the spirit of try many things, be prepared to fail, I’m putting aside trying to understand the namespaces built in here defined by
    xmlns=”http://www.cuahsi.org/waterML/1.1/&#8221; xmlns:ns0=”http://www.cuahsi.org/his/1.1/ws/&#8221;

    So just an FYI if there are an XML gurus, I’m trying to retrieve the simple value, and whenever I try to search down using xml.etree.ElementTree I can’t null out the effects of xmlns and xmlns:ns0.

    A sensor value is encoded as “timeSeries” and shows