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    OK I think I’ve figured out something. I can only get the last variable at the moment (432) .. which is what I need for my real analysis of looking at the last value of the voltage returned and and checking it it has dropped below a threshold.

    http://data.envirodiy.org/sites/TU-RC-01/ visually its 16.0V the first Battery Voltage “All_ExternalVoltage_Battery” and I can also see with a download of series=1906

    So then using
    comes back with something that includes

    <value methodCode=”2″ qualityControlLevelCode=”1″ censorCode=”nc” dateTime=”2019-11-18T19:27:02″ dateTimeUTC=”2019-11-19T03:27:02″ sourceCode=”611″ timeOffset=”-08:00″>16.0</value>

    which seems like I read as

    <value …>16.0</value>

    and its the 16.0 Volts that I’m after. So I need to parse to find that and compare it to my threshold.