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    I rebuilt the project with ModularSensors Library version 0.23.11 and it worked! I don’t really know what all the differences were between versions, but I did notice a couple of things that may have been the cause (though maybe not, I really have no idea what most of these settings mean)…

    I Removed the suggested build flags from my .ino file for the GSM_RX Buffer, Max Packet size and GSM_Yield.
    I noticed that the 0.23.16 had a buffer set to 64, whereas library 0.23.11 has it set to 512. Perhaps that was an issue???
    Also, I tried to change the timeZone to 0 so it would use UTC and I got the 504 Response Code again, so maybe this was the actual problem in the first place. After I switched back to timeZone = -5 the data was uploaded to EnviroDIY just fine. I got my sensor out in the water today:

    Thanks for all the assistance, I really appreciate it!