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Sara Damiano

    You’re missing some rows of your header. That file will definitely not work.

    At minimum, you need the text “Sampling Feature UUID: ” before that UUID and another row that specifies the UTC offset with the text “Date and Time in UTC-#” where # is your offset. You can put all the result UUID’s on the row with the feature UUID as you’ve done, as long as the text “Sampling Feature UUID: ” is before that first UUID. See section 4.3: Uploading CSV Sensor Data # in https://wikiwatershed.org/help/sensor-help/sharing-sensor-data/ for more detail on the upload format.

    Any boards programmed with current ModularSensors code (as yours were, unless you reprogrammed them) should be drag-and-drop ready for upload. You should not need to make any modifications to the file, unless it is too big. At this time, files over ~5000 rows need to be spliced into multiple shorter files, each with the same header. That size limit will be increased (hopefully) soon.