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Anthony Aufdenkampe

    I highly recommend the YosemiTech DO sensors, which use optical sensing technology for long-term stability. https://www.yosemitech.com/en/product-cat-11.html

    They use Modbus communication and can be user-calibrated. Here are their two main models (the Y505 is new and not on their website).

    Y504 (standard model):

      ~$650 each (plus shipping plus 25% new China import tax)
      ±1%​ DO accuracy
      ±0.2°C temp accuracy
      5 m standard cable length (10 m at additional cost)
      10 s response time

    Y505 (low-cost, aquaculture model):

      ~$450 each (plus shipping plus 25% new China import tax)
      ±3%​ DO accuracy
      ±0.5°C temp accuracy
      10 m standard cable length
      40 s response time
      no protection cap over sensor surface

    For more info, see https://github.com/EnviroDIY/YosemitechModbus/blob/master/doc/Y50X-DO-ProductProfile.pdf

    There are a few minor drawbacks to YosemiTech. They require purchasing with a bank transfer rather than a credit card, and their documentation isn’t great. However, we’re trying to help them with the later by reposting manuals and other info at https://github.com/EnviroDIY/YosemitechModbus. Overall, however, I find their sensors to be of excellent quality, and their email response time to questions (and also a warranty repair) have been quite good.