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    Hi @srgdamiano

    SensorBase Class – I’m a C guy trying for some class – but I’ll take the power switching where ever those in the higher classes deem it 🙂 Let me know where I could pull from when its available.

    I hear you about AltSoftSerial – I got a gray hair just thinking about it – but its the way RS485 wingboard plugs into the Mayfly and so far its worked. It seems awfully dependent on playing nice with interrupts.

    Now there is such good software available – if the AltSoftSerial fails I’ll have to think of a hardware solution – possibly moving the RS485 from connector J4 to J3….. but even then start to get into limitations with serial ports – one is needed for debug and one is needed for XBEE .
    Oh well the world of Arm with 4+ serial ports is in another universe – I have my favourite MKL27Z256 – builtin USB, RTC, ADC16bit, 32Ksram – and costs same mega1284. Same family as TeensyLC, but has ROM bootloader like mega1284. I have one running on another board – Oh well.!!

    Thanks for the headsup on LTE-M – good to hear that some people have it working with Hologram network – I understand from another project that I’m on that LTE-M’s coverage is extending. I haven’t found a map yet of coverage – but will keep ears open.
    I imagine you know about the 2G network changes https://www.envirodiy.org/wild-wireless-world-2g-or-3g/