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    Hi @srgdamiano – wonderful to work through the code. Very readable and nicely laid out. Very nice to step through the classes. I’m mostly used C, TinyOS/nesC, Python and now JS. But great to see realtime cpp -all on mega1284 device!!!

    DEBUGGING: that was what I was looking for. after seeing a line in the macro file I was guessing some trick out there… now I see in KellerParent.h
    // #define DEBUGGING_SERIAL_OUTPUT Serial
    #include “ModSensorDebugger.h”

    So a general question – it looks like when it comes time to start sensor reading,
    there is no opportunity to say connect to the cloud after every Xth sample or after 4hrs ?
    Typically I’ve seen with 3G modems that it spends 1minute at high current (0.7A) finding the tower and setting up the tcp link. Then the data is pushed fast and closes down.
    So just wondering about that.

    Also wondering if a wireless connection fails, is there a fall back method for pushing the readings later.
    I have had some sites in the past that did not connect for two weeks as they are on the edge of the zone, and it gets a cloudy for two weeks and no RF.