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    The LoRa are part of a group of emerging technologies – some that may be built out like the Cellular Network for easy use.
    One example is http://www.weightless.org/keyfeatures/5-km-range
    Right now they are point to point – that is you have to have both sides of the link – and do Line of Sight analysis. The wireless signals will not go through hillsides.
    Cellular providers generally do a regional geographical analysis to attempt to place their cell towers at the highest point so that they can reach the widest number of cell phones.
    The big advantage of “LoRa” point-to-point wireless sensor network is overall lower consumed power – the local equipment can manage it better. The disadvantage is that all nodes have to be maintained.
    The big advantage of Cellular systems is you only need the end modem – but it has to be in range of a provider and requires much more electrical power.