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    Hello Stephanie
    Goodluck with it. Thanks for the detail. Out of curiosity what base arduinio are you are looking at.
    One way to share the experience is to blog on the stages that you go through.
    The challenges – from how to check what works and how to protect it, and how they are overcome are as valuable as the end result.

    The Adafruit FON doesn’t state its temperature range – which is usually important for an outside environmental logger, but amazing with the lib
    https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit_FONA_Library – amazing what is being created.
    As someone who plays with software/hardware – the technical challenges with software is testing. So personally with this I would
    1) Generate a test suite – pick a simple pattern of data reporting,(incrementing number) and then test out the linkages from test unit to reporting. This verifies from unit to internet.
    2) For “integration test” – that is checking it works except for the real data – create an air temperature probe – and then stick it out in a realistic situation – just outdoors where it can be easly investigated – and leave it running for a month. This allows all the gremlins to safely introduce themselves and be encouraged to move on.