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  • Rick Vogel wrote a new post, Precision Sensor Board Update 5 years, 4 months ago


    I have continued working on this project and found a probe cover and cable housing. By not using the back of the cable housing I’ve been able to modify a RM Young 41390 Sensor Junction Box and make a u […]

    • What’s the supply voltage (Vcc) of this board? I’m wondering if you designed it for a 5-volt I2C bus like the Uno, or if it’ll work with 3.3v systems, like the Mayfly or Raspberry Pi.

      • These are all 3.3V I2C sensors.

        • Distance is possibly an issue if the wiring to logger isn’t short. For the enclosure application, I thought about dropping a small teensyLC in the base with TTL/RS232 interface so that a serial connection could be made from enclosure to logger. Teensy would handle all the sensor data requests and then just feed a csv over TTL or RS232 depending on application.