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  • SGFulton posted an update 6 years, 9 months ago

    Hi Shannon,

    Stephanie Fulton again. I was wondering how often you read the Decagon CTD-10’s using the SDI-12 library when you’re datalogging? We’ve been running them here in the lab to test the accuracy using Arduinos (Megas and Unos primarily) and the SDI-12 library. However, we’re taking a measurement every 5 seconds and averaging over 5 mins, and we’re seeing a lot a random bad data. Conductivity is the worst…we gets a number of zeros and other values way below tap water (currently about 114 uS/cm), as well as bad max values. I’d be happy to post my code and results, but first wanted to ask if you or anyone else has tried taking measurements more often than every 5-15 mins. I’m also taking air temp and barometric pressure using a T5403 (Sparkfun) once every 5 mins, since we were seeing some weird patterns that seemed correlated with either temp or pressure (haven’t seen that problem recently…could’ve been an artifact of an earlier Arduino setup).