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  • Yes, Neil, the FONA library is wonderful…we’re not really inteested in developing all that code (or figuring out each protocol in great detail) for each and every sensor/piece of hardware we’re using, so having a library is key.

    You asked which Arduino platform we’re using…it’s the Mega. We may also use a Raspberry Pi as the data manager for…[Read more]

  • Dave, thanks for this. It is interesting. Do you know more about it? Do you need a cellular carrier/SIM card? I’m curious how they’re transmitting the data, i.e., on whose network. It’s not clear from their web site, and I can’t find anything in their specifications (or I’m missing it, as it’s still hard to me to understand all these…[Read more]

  • Thanks for all the great info, Neil, and sorry I haven’t been responding sooner. Right now we’re focused on getting the Adafruit FONA shield to work. It’s 2G but there are libraries, etc. which makes it much simpler for us to work with since we’re not engineers. We’re trying to keep it simple. This is my dissertation research and the WSN is…[Read more]

  • Neil,

    I’m always open to collaboration…I very much like the website you sent me and want to develop something very similar to stream live data. I’d be interested in the platform you’re using to push and store data. This is all very new to me and my learning curve is quite steep (originally a forest ecologist and remote sensing analyst back…[Read more]

  • Hi neilh,

    Thanks for the info. As for the Onset U30, we’re trying to avoid paying the big bucks for commercial equipment, plus we’re designing our own custom sensors and dataloggers…hence the Arduino WSN.

    Particle’s electron looks interesting…available in 2G/3G, Arduino compatible with libraries, and running on AT&T networks (service…[Read more]

  • Hi,
    Does anyone know of a 3G or greater cellular modem available for Arduino? We’re developing a wireless sensor network to continuously monitor hydrology and water chemistry at a remote mine site in eastern KY. I get cellular reception on the ridge through AT&T, but don’t think T-Mobile will work way out there. There are other local carriers…[Read more]