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Mayfly Starter Kit

EnviroDIY Mayfly Starter Kit

The Mayfly Starter Kit contains the following items:

  • EnviroDIY Mayfly Data Logger Board v1.1
  • Waterproof enclosure with clear lid
  • USB-C programming cable (30cm long)
  • 2 Grove cables (20cm long)
  • 8GB microSD memory card 
  • 0.5 watt solar panel with JST connector
  • Mayfly microSD vertical adapter board

Note: there are no batteries included with the Mayfly Starter Kit.  You will need to purchase a 3.7v LiPo battery (with JST connector, and check the polarity!) if you wish to operate the board on battery power.  And if you plan to use the DS3231 Real Time Clock chip for timekeeping, you’ll want to buy a CR1220 coin cell lithium battery.    

The Mayfly board was specifically designed to fit inside this enclosure (Model RP1095C).  It’s waterproof and comes with a gasket for the lid and stainless steel screws.  The solar panel fits neatly inside the clear lid, so you can build a self-contained solar-powered logging station.  Add a cable gland to the end of the enclosure to get any sensor cables into the the box.